The Miss Moss team is excited to present KREL’s debut fashion performance in Panama next March 2nd at Tántalo Hotel / Kitchen / Rooftop, Casco Viejo. 10pm-2am.

 A performance artist turned designer, Karelle Levy of KRELwear is widely regarded as Miami’s most buzzworthy young designer. Since its inception in 2005, KRELwear has cultivated an astonishingly loyal following, rapidly gaining international repute for innovative, eye-catching knitwear. 

Krelwear’s philosophy is based in the beauty of “toobular” knit design. Branching through two separate lines, one of a kind and made to order. The products range from sweaters, dresses, skirts and tanks, to accessories such as hats, scarves, leg warmers and cuffs. one of kind line embraces flaws with no rules at all; enhancing originality through organic methods, let it run, knit. These garments are elegant and funky. Inspiration is found in the process using mixtures of the finest yarns available.

KRELwear was recognized as a GenArt “Fresh Faces of Fashion” Among its list of thrilled garment owners are: Alanis Morrisset, Christina Ricci, Carmen Electra, Nicki Minaj, Pink, Cameron Diaz, and Natasha Lyonne. The line is available in boutiques around the U.S. and Japan.

The DiscoGlo Collection was Inspired by 24 hour Party People film, club culture and chameleon-like characters “DiscGlo” brings you from night to day with a playful palette of hot neons and nudes. Characterized by altered states and heightened perceptions, the entire collection is glow-in-the-dark and blacklight-reactive. It’s a fun interaction between the guests and the designs itself.

KREL2GO Quickie Couture
You can also come and participate in her ‘Quickie Couture’ and be instantly dressed and styled by KREL in less than an hour. KREL-2-GO is Fast Fashion created with fabrics design personally by Karelle.
Each unique design is a collaboration between the client and the artist, with all the nuances and preciousness of KREL wear’s sought-after hand-knit couture. The entire experience is capture by Polaroid and added to the KREL-2-GO album a ritual that echoes a sense of “working together” to make something magical and unique.
Don´t miss this super fun event tomorrow friday March 2nd in Tántalo Hotel in Casco Viejo.

For more info you can go to:  www.missmoss.me …. también para info del evento en Español!


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