Elvianistica… yes…

Hello all! I haven’t posted any outfit pics for a while… really missed it… here is one of the looks of last week…. simple but fun.. Hope you all like it… Much Love.

Thrifted Blouse, Zara Leggins, studded Loafers from La Botica.

Hola a todos! No he subido fotos de outfits hace tiempo.. de verdad lo extrañaba… aquí uno de los looks de la semana pasada… simple pero divertido… Espero les guste… Mucho Amor.

Blusa Thrifted, Leggins de Zara, Loafers con studs de La Botica.

One thought on “Elvianistica… yes…

  1. I think the pics look great. I have a point and shoot– it’s kinda fancy and has lots of settings, but it’s still a point and shoot. I dig it. You’ll get more oufitt pics I think if you just use yours, rather than waiting for someone with a DSLR to take your pics. And your oufitt!! I want floral pants so bad. I love the socks with your little loafers.

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